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Adult Religion Classes

Adult Religion Classes are selected from the LDS Institutes of Religion "Approved Course" list and offered to members of the church and their friends in local LDS Meetinghouses or other public locations.  BYU Adult Religion Classes use approved LDS Institute Curriculum to provide enrichment to gospel study.  These opportunities are comprised of approved "Optional Activities" (Handbook 2, 2010, 13.5 on p. 106) and are funded by participant tuition.

Local stakes may offer these Adult Religion classes either as a stake activity, where the class is designed, managed, and supported by an instructor called and assigned by the local stake president (no compensation or participant fees); or as an approved BYU Adult Religion Class where the design and support is provided through BYU Continuing Education (instructor compensation and participant fees are required).  The participant fees provide a resource to compensate the instructor for their time to prepare and present quality gospel-centered, doctrinally-sound lessons.

Classes are held at selected locations in Utah.  For more information, please see the “General Guidelines” tab.

Current Classes Offered in:

Other Locations:

Classes no longer sponsored by BYU:
Due recent policy changes, the classes listed below will no longer be sponsored by BYU. For more information regarding any of these classes, please reach out to the contact person.

Stake Teacher Contact Person Phone
Alpine UT Stake Tom Tyler Mick Taylor 801-369-5824
Bountiful UT Central Stake James D. Mathews Diane M. Mathews 801-597-6964
Bountiful UT North Canyon Stake Jack Marshall Jack Marshall 801-298-6371
Brigham City UT North Stake Wendell Droubay Ron and Gail Lyman 435-734-2646
Draper UT Cresecent View Stake Ron Millburn Evan Rowley 801-633-5056
Draper UT Eastridge Stake David Christensen Cindy Ford 801-576-2820
Lakeridge UT East Stake Judd Hixson Sherry Ferguson 801-372-2758
Layton Hills UT Stake Cal Stephens Carl Tuke 801-663-0896
Midway UT Stake Tom Tyler Renae Hardcastle 435-671-8455
Ogden UT Weber Stake Cal Stephens Val Cox 801-540-2944
Orem UT North Stake Tom Tyler Vivien S. Brown 801-427-7255
Salt Lake UT Big Cottonwood Stake David Christensen Richard Sorensen 801-641-5089
Salt Lake UT East Mill Creek North Stake J. Lewis Taylor J. Lewis Taylor 801-487-3784
Salt Lake UT Stake Tim Taggart Elaine J. Hughes 801-647-5463
Washington UT Terrace East Stake David H. Jacobs Steve Jacobson 801-475-5593
West Jordan UT Prairie Stake David Christensen Bud and Tara Berrett 801-859-9678