Adult Religion Classes are selected from the LDS Institutes of Religion Approved Course list and offered to members of the church and their friends in local LDS meetinghouses or other public locations. BYU Adult Religion Classes use approved LDS Institute Curriculum to provide enrichment to gospel study. These opportunities are comprised of approved "Optional Activities" (Handbook 2, 2010, 13.5 on p. 106) and are funded by participant tuition.

Local stakes may offer these Adult Religion classes either as a stake activity, where the class is designed, managed, and supported by an instructor called and assigned by the local stake president (no compensation or participant fees); or as an approved BYU Adult Religion Class where the design and support is provided through BYU Continuing Education (instructor compensation and participant fees are required). The participant fees provide a resource to compensate the instructor for their time to prepare and present quality gospel-centered, doctrinally-sound lessons.

Classes are held at selected locations in Utah. For more information, please see General Guidelines.

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BYU Adult Religion Classes
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